We’re recruiting the next generation of parasitologists

Question: Are you interested in joining a graduate training program in host-parasite interactions (HPI)?
If the answer is yes, maybe, or simply not no, then the University of Calgary may be able to help you.

We are home to the NSERC CREATE HPI program. Seven PIs whose research falls under the umbrella of host-parasite interactions. Follow us on twitter @HPI_UofC.

Andre Buret – Cell biologist studying Giardia.HPI-newLogo
Kris ChadeeEntamoeba histolytica infection in the gut.
Lashitew Gedamu – Molecular biology of Leishmania.
John Gilleard (@johngilleard) – Drug resistance in parasites.
Susan Kutz – Wildlife parasitology.
Derek McKay – Immunity and parasites.
James Wasmuth (@jdwasmuth) – Parasite genomics and evolution.

In addition to their own research activities, the graduate students and postdocs have many opportunities to enrich their studies. In a regular journal club, they learn about each other’s research, which has led to collaborations. There is an annual bootcamp in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, where trainees get workshops in entrepreneurship, social media and working outside the comfort of the lab. Another area of emphasis is engagement with the public. Our biggest success was a Halloween event at the Spark Science Centre, where HPI trainees put on an amazing display of parasites for thousands of children and their parents.

HPI trainees at the Telus Spark Science Centre
HPI trainees at the Telus Spark Science Centre

If you’re interested in joining the team, please visit the HPI website and contact the PI directly.


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