Banff Inflammation Workshop 2015. Science and network on the mountain top.

Between January 29th and February 1st I attended the 9th edition of the BIW 2015 that has been organized by the Inflammation Research Network at the University of Calgary. The workshop highlighted the diverse and ever-evolving field of inflammation, focusing on the mechanisms that contribute to the etiology of inflammatory disease in different tissues.

BIW used a highly interactive format where all presentations were delivered by leading edge scientists from around the world. In the vast majority of cases, the presentations contained new, unpublished information, further making this the premier research meeting on inflammation research.

The main goal of the BIW is to provide opportunities for trainees to present their work. The informal nature of the meeting also provides ample opportunity for trainees to interact with invited faculty.

As soon as I arrived at the Banff Centre, where the workshop was placed, I met Dr. Adriano Rossi, from Scotland. It was so special to me, as I have published twice with Dr. Rossi, but have never met him, in personal, before.

At the first night we were graced for the talk gave by Dr. Mauro Perreti, from London (UK), an authority in inflammation, during dinner. After dinner, given the informality of the workshop, I and other trainees had the opportunity to meet and chat with many PIs came from lots of parts of Canada and world. Citing names I highlight Aleixo Muise (Toronto), Jason McDougall (Halifax) (so special to me, as we are working together in a project and we have never met before), Nathalie Vergnolle (France), Declan McCole (Riverside), Derek Gilroy (London), Christian Jobin (Florida), Cameron Bell (Sydney), and many others.

The next we had talks from PIs in the morning and afternoon, what was followed to posters presentation. I presented my work I received awesome comments and suggestion from PIs and trainees that were very useful for the sequence of my research.  After poster presentation we went to downtown of Banff to dinner at the Ticino, a Swedish restaurant, accompanied for good network.

The last day was with PI talks in the morning and early afternoon. After 3pm we had free time to informal meeting. I met Dr. McDougall to chat about our project. This meeting was so profitable that I finished the paper and will submit it today. At night we had dinner at Banff Centre when the prizes were announced.

I fell that BIW 2015 was an odd experience. Understand more about mechanisms of inflammation is fundamental to my project in HPI, as I am studying the anti-helmint mechanism in mice and rats. Not mentioning the enormous opportunities for new networking.


Fernando Lopes, PhD

Post-doctoral associate (McKay Lab)

Acknowledgements: I would like to thank my sponsor the HPI for covering the cost of my attendance.


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