Getting Gutsy in Montréal

Canadian Digestive Disease Week (CDDW) is an annual meeting where selected topics about gastrointestinal diseases and gastroenterology are discussed. This year I had the opportunity to be invited by the Canadian Association of Gastroenterology to participate in the pre-CDDW “Research Topics” session. Research Topics is a 2 day session before CDDW that is focused on trainees where I was able to attend special workshops and lectures about career development and discuss about relevant gastrointestinal (GI) themes with peers and, at the same time, got the chance to give a presentation about my research. They also organized a trainee mixer where I had the chance to talk about science in a more casual manner with GI trainees from all across Canada.

The CDDW talks were really interesting right from day 1, going from IBD- microbiota and cellular reprogramming to epigenetics of GI cancer and innate mucosal immunity. The poster sessions gave me another chance to show my research to grad students, researchers and faculty members as well as to receive valuable feedback from them.

Another valuable feature from CDDW are the small group sessions that are basic workshops for trainees where you have the chance to ask pointed questions to experts; questions about techniques or methodologies that you are planning to use or you want to improve in your research. The sessions I attended were very useful for my work.

On the last day, our flight back to Calgary was late so I had the chance to walk around Montréal and visit some of the iconic places and buildings; it was very relaxing and the views were super nice.

This conference definitely helped me in giving me more tools to keep working on my research. I would like to thank NSERC CREATE HPI for the travel funding for this conference.

Aralia León Coria   PhD candidate Chadee Lab


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