Short review of CDDW-2016

Canadian Digestive Disease Week – 2016


This year Canadian Digestive Disease Week was held in Montreal, QC.  I, amongst other trainee researchers from Canada was honored to receive a travel award to participate in Research Topics meeting as well as at CDDW-2016. At Research Topics I had oral presentation entitled “Giardia muris protects against Citrobacter rodentium infection: effects on the inflammasomes and gut antimicrobial peptides”. I would like to note that it was very favorable environment for active discussion among trainees from a diverse area of research.


I presented my poster of distinction on day two of CDDW-2016. This scientific meeting covered different array of basic science and clinical research. We were able to attend small group sessions with experts in particular areas of investigation, a variety of talks about microbiota, fecal transplants, host-microbe interactions, etc.


The career development part of the conference was very useful. Dr. Simon Hirota from University of Calgary gave the presentation entitled: “How to get the most out of your post-doctoral fellowship.”


Attending this scientific forum was very useful for my professional development and important for my academic career. It was also a unique opportunity to establish a network of people. For example, from University of British Columbia there was a research group who works in the area of host-microbiome interaction; we have some scientific interests in common.


I would like to thank NSERC CREATE HPI for providing some of the funding that allowed me to attend this meeting.



Anna Manko,

Postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Andre G. Buret lab



IMG_00002848 copy


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