A trip to Montreal for Canadian Digestive Diseases Week

On February 26-29th of this year I was fortunate to be able to attend the 2016 Canadian Digestive Diseases Week (CDDW) conference taking place in Montreal, Quebec. This was my third time attending this conference, but I can easily say that it gets better every year. Part of the reason is that each year, I recognize a few more familiar faces, and I become more comfortable reaching out to people, taking part in the excitement of research, and networking with others in the field. The Canadian Digestive Diseases Week encompasses all researchers in Canada (and some globally) who study gastroenterology, nutrition, and health of the entire digestive system. It was here that I finally got to meet some of my favourite researchers, those whose papers I’ve been reading since I started my graduate program back in 2013 and whose research I’ve always admired. This was one of the best parts of CDDW for me this year. I sincerely enjoyed listening to talks about the latest research in IBD and IBS, fecal microbiota transplants, the gut microbiota, and so many more exciting topics. In addition to attending talks by several great researchers, I was also able present my own work in a poster session, where I received a “Poster of Distinction” award. It was an honour to be able to receive this award and to be able to share my research with others.
Another great thing about attending CDDW this year was the fabulous location – Montreal – one of my favourite cities in Canada! And to top it off, we were able to stay at the conference location – the Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel. The first night I arrived, I was able to dine in the Fairmont’s Le Montréalais Bistrot-Bar with a fellow HPI trainee and Faculty Member, and it was the most delicious meal. We received an endless supply of desserts at the end of the evening which left us entirely full and completely satisfied. Other perks of having a conference in Montreal included a visit to the Montreal en Lumiere Festival, some shopping down Saint-Catherine’s, and a visit to the Montreal Museum of Fine Arts.
Being able to present my research at the Canadian Digestive Diseases Week was an awesome experience and I want to thank HPI for allowing me this opportunity! I learned so much, networked with so many, and a great time was had by all! Thank you HPI!
Christina Amat
PhD/MD in Dr. Andre Buret’s lab

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