Experimental Biology – 2016

This year Experimental Biology-2016 Conference was held in San Diego, CA, USA.  It was absolutely exciting for me to attend such a huge scientific meeting for the first time. This year there were around 11000 participants from all over the world. The majority were from USA and Canada, but also from South America, Europe etc.

 Due to the multiple sessions that were going at the same time it was too difficult to choose which sessions to attend; I tried to attend as many sessions as possible however. One of the sessions that I would like to highlight was the Host-Parasite interactions talk which is in my area of scientific interest. Dr. Ken Cardwell from New York Medical School in USA presented data from his lab recent work. They found that murine norovirus reveals protective effect on mice intestine during DSS-induced colitis, as well as nematode Trichuris muris showed protective effects on NSAID-induced ulcers of small intestine. We could see nowadays in the scientific world, there is an increased interest in the topic of host-microbial and multi-microbial interaction in the area of digestive systems, pathogens, and parasites. Their relationship still remains obscure and demands future deep research especially in mechanistic pathways.

 At Experimental Biology-2016, for the session “Pathobiology of infectious diseases”, I had an oral presentation entitled “Giardia muris protects against Citrobacter rodentium infection: role of the inflammasomes and gut antimicrobial peptides”. I would like to note that it was a very favorable environment for active discussion.

 This scientific meeting had fantastic exhibitions of the newest scientific equipment, reagents, tools – that was really impressive.

 The career development part of the conference was very useful. During the meeting it was a huge opportunity for trainees to attend a variety of workshops related to the career prospects, networking development and others. Even though some of these sessions started at 7 a.m. these kind of interactive meetings are absolutely useful for future career steps.

 I would like to thank NSERC CREATE HPI for providing some of the funding that allowed me to attend this meeting.


 Anna Manko,

Postdoctoral fellow in Dr. Andre G. Buret lab



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