Conference of post-secondary learning and teaching at U of C | By Anna Manko

In May 2016 I had an opportunity to attend the 2016 Conference on Learning and Teaching at our Alma Mater, University of Calgary.This event was held in the Taylor Institute of Teaching and Learning at U of C.  The conference focused on the creativity in teaching and learning. It was a very new experience for me to attend this type of scientific event. This year there were around 250 participants from all over the country: from Montreal to Vancouver, and some participants came from USA.

It was too difficult to choose which sessions to attend; I tried to attend as many sessions as possible however. The first keynote speaker was Dr. Robert Kelly; his talk was devoted to the creative development in education through thinking, innovation and invention. He convinced the audience that people use creativity in their life from day to day, just they don’t name it “creativity”. It was of special interest for me to understand that in the scientific discipline where it seems like there is no room for much creativity when communicating research. However, through the different approach learned in this session, the use of words and techniques make it possible to engage and inspire an audience.

At the end of the day we had poster sessions where students and teachers presented their results. One poster that caught my attention was related to how the creative-organized learning space at the university affect the efficiency of studying. Using many pictures, the observational research project demonstrated how students working space could be organized in the effective manner.

The next day consisted of a couple of active workshops where we had chance to discuss with colleagues what the role of a teacher is in the formation of learning desire in modern students is. One of the memorable sessions was a workshop related to the creative ways to teach biosciences, historical and sociological classes. Presenters had a lot of visual materials that helped the audience follow their talk.

I would like to thank NSERC CREATE HPI for providing some of the funding that allowed me to attend this meeting.


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